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Additional Installations to Roll Out Throughout 2023

Pastor of St. Rita Catholic Church, Monsignor Perez, with his in-house facilities

maintenance manager Vladimir and HFC water filter partner Dan Christopherson.

Washington, DC, November 11, 2022 - Hope for Cuba Foundation (HFC) is happy to announce the initial installment of Water One™ water filter at St. Rita Catholic Church in Havana, Cuba launching the non-profit foundation’s initiative to donate 100 free water filters throughout Cuba.

“As part of Hope for Cuba Foundation’s mission to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba, this initiative provides much needed fresh drinking water to those parts of the country which are currently without clean potable running water,” said HFC Founder and President, Jorge Ignacio Fernandez. “The fresh filtered water HFC initiative is to install high-volume water filters with the unique capability of removing both bacteria and viruses from the water at churches, parishes and other public centers that will allow residents that need fresh drinking water to come and fill their containers with purified water at no cost.”

Continuous exposure to multiple storms and flooding has uncovered an urgent and immediate need for these systems on the island. Unfiltered water is not safe to drink and can cause serious health problems. Phase one of this initiative is projected to install a minimum of 100 units by early 2023 in the Havana area.

“We are so thankful that Hope for Cuba has brought safe water to our Parish community,” said Pastor Monsignor Perez of St. Rita Catholic Church. “Purchasing bottled water is too expensive on a day-to-day basis for our community. This is truly a life changing financial and health benefit for our Parish and locals.”

About Hope For Cuba Foundation:

Hope For Cuba is a non-profit humanitarian organization. Its key purpose includes providing humanitarian aid to the Cuban people, conducting humanitarian projects related to health and medical matters, promoting entrepreneurship and business opportunities, expanding cultural exchanges, encouraging scientific research collaborations, and supporting a path to achieving full normalization of relations.

You can learn more about HFC, help donate to this project, or sponsor a water filter station in your name, by visiting


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