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Hope For Cuba Logo
Pope John Paul II waving to a crowd during his 1998 Cuban visit.

HOPE FOR CUBA is a non-profit humanitarian organization*. Its key purpose includes providing humanitarian aid to the Cuban people, conducting humanitarian projects related to health and medical matters, promoting entrepreneurship and business opportunities, expanding cultural exchanges, encouraging scientific research collaborations, and supporting a path to achieving full normalization of relations. 

As an NGO committed to the engagement between the two neighboring nations, our mission is:


The HOPE FOR CUBA Foundation was established to promote the independent activity in Cuba to enhance and strengthen the Cuban society by supporting humanitarian aid projects in, or related to, Cuba that are designed to provide direct benefit to the Cuban people.


Our founder, Mr. Jorge Ignacio Fernandez, received this directive from Pope John Paul II during his historic 1998 Cuban visit.  

"The World Must Open Up To Cuba and Cuba Must Open Up To The World."

*As a non-profit, the Foundation is committed to respecting all current OFAC rules and regulations.  Therefore, HFC will obtain all the necessary OFAC licenses to complete all HFC humanitarian mission.  All the HFC OFAC compliances will be monitored by Winston & Strawn, LLC, the HFC general counsel, headquartered in Washington, D.C.


The foundation promotes independent activity in Cuba to strengthen Cuban civil society and has the objective to support the humanitarian aid projects in, or related to, Cuba that are designed to directly benefit the Cuban people. Read more


The HOPE FOR CUBA Foundation leverages its unique expertise and experience to renew and rebuild partnerships with public and private organizations with historic ties to humanitarian efforts in Cuba. These partnerships include: 

Mission Resolve Foundation
Resolve Marine Group
Winston Strawn LLP
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